Welcome To The EllePi Traduzioni Website!

Competence, fairness, flexibility, timeliness: These values drive our language services.

Experience in the industry and constant presence on the market since 2001 allows us to meet any translation request from and into all languages of the world.


Today our customers include multinational companies, industry leaders, small and medium sized enterprises, professional firms, private clients.

By making its mission to “translate without betraying” EllePi Traduzioni is fully aware of the underlying problems with the communication and passage between the various source and target languages and, within the latter, the additional “specific terminology” developed by each customer.

This allows us to offer commercial, technical, scientific, medical-pharmaceutical, legal-juridical, economic-financial, advertising, marketing, design, and fashion, press releases, website translations, as well as interpreting services, in a wide range of language combinations.

To achieve this, EllePi Traduzioni works with highly-qualified translators selected based on experience in the specific area of expertise, both in translating and proofreading.

Based on our consolidated experience and professionalism, we offer an accurate, flexible and professional service that includes pre and post-translation assistance to ensure reliability, speed of delivery and confidentiality to protect the contents of your documents. This is provided at highly competitive prices in line with current market standards and tailored to each translation project.

We are available to meet with customers and present our services at our office in Milan, located in a central and well-connected area of the city, or at your premises. We also offer, if requested, a free translation test.

For more information and/or a free quote, please contact us at the following email or phone number:

- Tel: +39 02

- Fax: +39 02

- Cell: 348-80.62.227

- Email: info@traduzioniellepi.com