Our Translators

What We Expect Of Our Translators

Internal staff and freelance translators who collaborate with us are selected meticulously according to the quality system of EllePi, based on the qualifications and/or years of experience in the translation/interpretation profession, and on the technologies used.


Our translators are professionals who have a deep understanding of their native language and therefore translate almost exclusively into their language with flexibility, reliability and competence. They also have an excellent command of the language of origin with specific areas of specialisation, allowing them to ensure accuracy and quality. They have at least 5 years of translating experience, which allows our agency to offer a reliable and versatile service.

What We Offer Our Translators

We want to establish lasting relationships with our translators based on trust and mutual respect. With the same amount of dedication and professionalism we give them support and assistance in all phases of the collaboration, as well as working tools and, if necessary, reference materials to ensure uniformity and correct terminology. This creates a relaxed and professional working environment, and allows providing a quality service tailored to each customer.